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The Montarville Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive veterinary services using the latest technology. We use CO2 lasers during surgeries in order to reduce inflammation and bleeding and improve post-surgical comfort.

Emergency services

Through our partners, we provide 24/7 emergency services.

Hôpital vétérinaire Montarville :
450 653-3700 (business hours)
Centre vétérinaire DMV : 
514 633-8888 ou 1 800 463-8555 (24/7)
Centre hospitalier universitaire vétérinaire de Saint-Hyacinthe :  450 778-8111 (24/7)

Medical services

  • Preventative care:
    Annual checkups, vaccinations and parasite prevention treatment

  • Pediatrics and geriatrics:
    Customized care for young and old animals

  • Internal medicine:
    Diagnosis, treatments and follow-up for renal, cardiac, and urinary problems, as well as endocrinology, dermatology, ophthalmology and neurology.

  • Orthopedic examinations and care:
    Diagnosis and treatment for orthopedic problems such as fractures, sprains and arthritis.

  • Elective surgery:
    Sterilization, onychectomy (de-clawing), hernia correction, dewclaw removal, etc.

  • General and emergency surgery:
    Removal of urinary stones, abdominal surgery, lump removal, eyelid surgery, etc.

  • Dentistry: 
    Prevention program, dental exams and tartar scaling, dental surgeries and extractions

  • Laboratory: 
    On-site lab, results available in 15 minutes or less for most tests

  • Medical imaging:
    Digital X-rays and ultrasounds

  • Hospital care:
    Comprehensive and caring hospital services

  • Veterinary pharmacy:
    Wide range of medicines and supplements available on site

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At-home services

  • Consultation
    Having a hard time coming to the hospital? Our team will come to your animal. At-home care is more reassuring for animals, and can be especially useful for people who have a hard time getting around or have busy schedule.
  • Order by email
    Order your renewable medications, food and other animal products by email, then pick them up at the hospital when it’s convenient.

Other services

  • Nutrition
    Our team can help you choose a diet suitable for your animal’s needs. We can also follow-up with patients who need to lose a little weight.
  • Boarding
    Looking for a safe, caring place to leave your cat or dog during vacation? At the Montarville Veterinary Hospital, they’ll be showered with affection and attention to their needs.
  • Adoption
    Would you like a new animal companion? We occasionally shelter animals looking for a new home.

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